Las Cabalgatas d’Espana


For many years performance in Spain and particularly at the Cabalgata des Reyes in Madrid has been amongst our most sought after performance tours.  Madrid strictly limits the number of US Marching Bands that may appear annually in its 5th of January night time Parade.  Only one, or at most two, groups are allowed to take part.  We therefore have developed two further programmes to add to our Madrid offering both of them featuring participation in quite remarkable Cabalgatas de Reyes.  Firstly, we offer one band each year the opportunity to lead the Parade in the historic city of Toledo, the former capital of Castille.  I took part in this Parade this year with a marching band and it was an unforgettable experience.  The second offering is an equally spectacular opportunity.  This is to take part in the oldest Cabalgata des Reyes in Spain, in the fabulous city of Seville.  This programme includes the opportunity not only of spending time in Seville, but also in Cordoba and Granada as well.  So we are now able to offer three Cabalgata de Reyes all of which are truly exceptional.